Lead Enrichment For CRM

Are your databases not yet as marketing-worthy as you would like them to be? Well, we will surely not let you down!

Know Your Leads Better to Boost CRM

We at ForencisData, put our best foot forward to improve lead records strategically. Our ultimate goal is to deliver business intelligence about target accounts, boost qualified leads, plan better campaigns, and ensure faster conversion. If you want to excel in marketing and sales, the fundamental step is to identify your potential customers and know them well. To enhance your data, you should verify, rectify, and incorporate additional information to a lead; and that's how you can get your lead enrichment right!

Your sales team can then put this to good use, give a boost to conversions, and in turn, drive revenue. If your lead data is not enriched, there is no point of designing campaigns or planning sales programs, since the time, effort, and money you invest will go futile, or at best, under-utilized.

How is CRM Efficiency related to Lead Enrichment?

Our skilled and experienced team at ForencisData offers top-notch lead enrichment services that help you delve deeper into the purchase behavior of buyers and also understand their journey. We provide an insightful vision into the responses that your product or service might generate. We design our services in a way that promises to extend an improved customer experience determined by lead intelligence.

How is CRM Efficiency related to Lead Enrichment?

Reports have indicated that more than 62% catering to the B2B segment are driven by inaccurate data. You surely do not want to fall into that group, right? Well, we will take you closer to the goals and marketing objectives of your business by ensuring better CRM with the help of enriched lead data.

Lead enrichment makes a massive difference to not only the quality of data but also to their usability. Don't be misled by the idea that it is confined to job designations or professional details; on the contrary, with lead enrichment, you can get a clearer vision of the lead's position and what its responsibilities are, as part of the organization. We offer the most dependable tools for lead enrichment so that you can take a closer look at target accounts, complemented by elaborate information of the key contacts that are part of these accounts. Want current and error-free lead data? Get in touch with ForencisData right away and you will see your sales and revenue skyrocket in no time!

What to expect from our Lead Enrichment Services?
  • ↪ We furnish accurate information pertaining to leads, which facilitates you to connect your prospective customers faster and initiate crucial conversations.
  • ↪ The enriched lead data offers actionable insights within which you can explore business opportunities to the fullest.
  • ↪ With our lead intelligence, you can identify which leads will benefit your sales team the most, and which ones will need to be nurtured for better qualification. Lead scoring and routine will soon be a breeze, with us by your side.

Build A Successful Sales Pipeline With Our Lead Enrichment Services
Working with lead information that is limited and superficial is a cause for great inconvenience for sales teams. At DataCaptive, we help you fill in missing demographics and firmographics to your lead data sets so that you never have to deal with data inaccuracy again. With Our Lead Enrichment Services you can:
lead enrichment for crm
Boost lead Volume & Quality

Convert your website visitors into leads by incorporating intelligent forms on your website that help collect vital lead information. Utilize shorter forms and progressive profiling so as to boost landing page conversion and reduce website bounce rate. Enriching leads once they are generated can help improve campaigns efficiency and foster sales.

lead enrichment for crm
Enhance Targeting & Scoring

With enriched lead data you can add more than 40 fields of accurate contact information that includes firmographics, phone numbers, designation details, email addresses etc. This data can serve as an important tool for laser-focused targeting, accurate scoring and effective routing of leads thus assisting in close tracking of their purchase behavior.

lead enrichment for crm
Improve Marketing & Sales

Lead enrichment helps to fill in the missing lead information and update contact data records. Enriched lead data helps in optimizing CRM and marketing automation systems thus, aiding in the development of effective marketing and sales strategies that allow you to grab every sales opportunity that you get.

lead enrichment for crm
Run Intelligent Email Campaigns

Enriched lead data can help you segment users into broad personas and send them personalized emails that assure faster conversions.

lead enrichment for crm
Save Time On Data Research

With our lead enrichment services, you can concentrate more on driving sales and fetching revenue rather than on researching lead data.

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