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We are the industry leaders and also a trusted B2B data solutions partner for major established companies, growing enterprises, and start-ups alike. With our comprehensive data science capabilities, solutions and years of industry-based experience, we help our clients find the prospects with accuracy and turn data-driven marketing strategies for their advantage.

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ForencisData Values

We work on a client-based model to ensure we can cater to diverse needs and satisfy the customer requirements. Our data solutions can significantly add value to our client’s operations, productivity, and efficiency. Marketers need data solutions to market the right products to the right customers at the right time. We provide accurate, reliable, comprehensive, and accessible data to help you achieve marketing goals. Our data-driven solutions can align their marketing and sales efforts to achieve maximum profitability.

We Work on the Values of

We offer the most accurate data to our clients to help them reach the desired outcomes.


To ensure our clients are satisfied and stay associated with us for a long time, we work with 100% transparency in operations.


We plan and work towards helping the clients reach their brand goals with our customer-oriented solutions.


With perseverance and passion, we offer customizable solutions for each of our clients.

How We Work

With years of expertise, along with best practices worldwide and technology tools, we empower teams to realize their full potential with our data solutions. We adopt a detailed process to facilitate our clients with 100% support:

STEP 1: Confirmation of order

Our team receives and reviews the order and then confirms the order via mail or call.

STEP 2: Compiling database

The experts compile a real-time and accurate database from authentic sources, as per the client’s requirements.

STEP 3: Thorough verification

The database is then thoroughly verified to remove any obsolete or erroneous data. We follow both manual and automated verification using AI.

STEP 4: Deliver mailing lists

Our dedicated customer support team that extends 24*7 help to our clients, in case of any query or doubt.

STEP 5: Post-sales support

The database is then thoroughly verified to remove any obsolete or erroneous data. We follow both manual and automated verification using AI.

Parameters That Make Us Pioneers in the Field
GDPR compliant marketing database
End-to-end data hygiene
Real-time database updates
Exact contact details of key decision-makers
List-build and list-research
Accelerated lead generation
Increase market penetration and target expansion
Using digital campaigns for a specific audience
Reduced data maintenance costs
Precise information for better reach and improved response rates
Why Choose Us

Leading companies are choosing us for the last few years, owing to our detailed research, data collection, and management. We use advanced methods of collecting data from reliable sources that gears b2b marketers to optimize resources and improve profitability. While keeping in mind the clients’ marketing goals, we conduct extensive research and then curate data solutions to fulfil them.

  • Reach key decision-makers and market your merchandise directly
  • Execute multi-channel and ABM missile campaigns through only one list
  • Increase click and open rates and increase your complete awareness with reliable data
  • Automate your email campaigns and boost lead generation to lead greater conversions
  • Reduce product failure rates by analysising your audience and their needs. the proper information will propel your research within the right direction.
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Sales Development

Quick sales need quality leads. Here's how data helps:

  • Reap advantages through figuring out Sales Qualified Leads
  • Improve your customer acquisition and retention prices by cross-promoting and up-promoting your products/services
  • Nurture leads and increase the life of acustomer together with your brand
  • Empower your sales team with the accurate data andmaximize ROI
  • Direct leads accelerated the sales funnel, convertthem faster and win larger profits
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Business Owners

Fuel resourceful campaigns with contact and company Data to navigate real business outcomes.

  • Aid Business development with strategic planning guided by the authentic data.
  • Associate with individuals whose goalsalign with that of your company.
  • Enlarge your client base with individuals interested in your line of services
  • Find potential investors and investment
  • Find potential investors and investment
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Recruit the next significant contributor to your company. Data-Driven recruiting aids in:

  • Allocating budget wisely and tracking recruiting channels to filter through candidates and find themost qualified candidate for your company
  • Eliminate candidates early in the process who lackthe skillset your company requires
  • Increase click and open rates and escalate you rbrand awareness with reliable data
  • Decrease your hire turnover by making informed decisions while recruiting
  • Appended and Cleansed database ensures that you're reaching your candidates with their rightinsights
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