Actionable data multiplying your business accomplishments!

According to Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett Packard, known as one of the biggest companies in the world of business, says, “The goal is to turn data into information and information into insights,” and the world of business agrees 100% with her. ForencisData™ top priority is to help you on this path.

Company segmentation

Data all around us is in various numbers. Identifying and segmenting data that enhances your company is a task. We realize the importance of segmenting B2B data insights as it aids smooth functioning. Thus, at ForencisData™, we make sure to keep the list segmented to guide your prospect search and campaigns of marketing.

Industry wise mailing list

Target niche industries to prospect using the industry-wise mailing list. Invest in new industries and grow your business widely.

SIC code mailing list

Searching by a four-digit SIC code narrows down your search by industry and is the fastest way to locate a company. Reach key decision-makers today and pave the path for future collaborations.

NAICS code mailing list

The NAICS classifies business establishments and is put together in this email list to help identify industries with ease. Eliminate unnecessary costs and save time using this mailing list.

Technology users email list

The technology users email list contains all the information you need. Make smart decisions and multi-channel your campaigns today.

B2B company data and its benefits
Recruit your next big innovator

With accurate business data, you can find and recruit individuals that best suit your company and its objectives. With some of the best professionals on your team, you can achieve great results. Encourage new talent in your organization and find yourself in the middle of your next big creative campaign.

Fuel multi-channel marketing campaigns

Your prospect audience uses various channels to communicate on the business front. Multi-channeling your marketing campaigns increase the awareness of your brand on a broader scale. A survey showed that companies who use omni-channels to market retain 91% of their customers.

Measure your campaigns and forecast your next big conversion

After a campaign is executed, it’s necessary to track its performance. This insight can help plan and execute future campaigns to increase its success rate of a campaign. The success of a campaign determines the generation of leads and the sales pipeline.

Build prospect lists that convert to sales 10x more

Building sales requires a multitude of traditional and modern techniques that include email campaigns, telemarketing, social media campaigns, and more. But what guarantee do you have that the prospect you’re reaching out to is a potential client? For all you know, the individual may not even be interested in your line of services. Thus, having a real-time company data can help build a potential marketing list containing targeted leads that converts.

Boost your team’s productivity and navigate marketing challenges

Challenges are plenty in the marketing world and it can overwhelm your team from time to time. Professionals lose 14hours per week, decreasing their productivity by 30%. But being equipped with the comprehensive company data backed by research and authenticity, you can empower your team and increase their productivity. Increased productivity = Growth

What we guarantee
100% Verified Data

The data that is sourced goes through stringent checks to verify and authenticate. The procedure is strictly followed as we prioritize delivering data that is verified to increase your response rates and lead generation.

4x Fresh Leads

The list compiled has information sourced from various sources such as exhibitions, press releases, journals, newsletters and more, thus guaranteeing new contacts and eliminating duplicated data. We rely on public and private sources that are put through stringent data tests.

90% Deliverability Rate

When you reach out to professionals from the list, we ensure that you receive only responsive data. The data that is collected is verified manually, and A/B tested to guarantee the deliverability of your emails. Thus, generating leads and increasing your sales pipeline.

5-Star Rating CRM Integration

Transferring and maintaining databases is not a hassle as our list can be easily integrated into any software. This eliminates unnecessary costs incurred on duplication of campaigns to the same individual. Our list ensures that you have a smooth experience while executing campaigns.

100+ International Locations

With the list that we provide, you will be able to tap into international businesses thus expanding and exposing your business globally. Build your network today and tap into new markets!

75% Marketing Challenges Tackled Using Intent Data

Data can be useful in every aspect of a business. Demographic, firm graphic, and intent data takes data insight to a whole other level by making the data more accurate and actionable.

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